Corporate News | 2023-08-31

LR Group achieves substantial sales and earnings growth in Q2 2023

Corporate News | 2023-08-10

LR Group receives approval of Waiver Request relating to the guarantor accession of "LR RUS"

Corporate News | 2023-05-31

LR Group makes a successful start to financial year 2023

Corporate News | 2023-04-28

LR Group shows solid performance in the financial year 2022 and aims for international expansion

Corporate News | 2023-04-24

LR kicks off Q1 2023 with sales growth and continues to drive international expansion with market entry in the UK

Corporate News | 2023-02-28

LR Group confirms positive sales trend in final quarter of 2022

Corporate News | 2022-11-30

LR Group significantly boosts sales trend in the third quarter and moves closer to its record year in 2021

Corporate News | 2022-08-31

LR Group confirms preliminary figures for the first half of 2022

Corporate News | 2022-08-10

LR Group with a solid performance in first half of 2022 despite challenging market conditions

Corporate News | 2022-05-31

LR Group off to a solid start in financial year 2022